How To Make Payment on

We understand that you would like to start earning as soon as possible, that is why we have made the process of payment (2000 Naira) very easy and smooth. In summary. You can

  • Pay with Card (Mastercard, Visa, Verve. Within Nigeria and Outside Nigeria)
  • Pay with Bank (link directly to your bank to pay without transfer)
  • Pay with GTB 737 (Pay using GTB without Internet)
  • Pay with Visa QR (you can scan the QR code to pay from your mobile banking App)

Follow this Link to Sign up

From the website, click on “Register”. This will take you to the registration page

Fill the form correctly after you are sure your details are correct, click on “CHECK OUT WITH PAYSTACK”. This will take you directly to the payment page.

Like we have said, you will see the four payment method on this page. Select your preferred option.

If you are paying with card, we accept all major cards with 100% security. Your account will get activated instantly

For Payment via Bank, select your bank from the list and follow the process. Your account will get activated instantly

To pay with GTB 737, your unique code will appear and you can dial this code on your mobile phone to complete the transaction. Your account will get activated instantly

For Users who would like to pay with VISA QR, a unique QR Code will appear on the screen, you just need to take your phone, go to your bank’s mobile App and use the camera to scan the QR Code to complete the transaction. Your account will get activated instantly

Immediately after a successful transaction, you will be taken to your dashboard.

Congratulations if you make it to this stage, Now you can start viewing posts, making comments and sharing on facebook or twitter. All your earnings will be recorded on your dashboard.

We also accept manual bank transfer only to our official bank account


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0094079071

After payment, you can send payment details to WhatsApp: 07063030909 or reach us via the Live chat.

Please note, activation via manual bank transfer may take 1 – 2 hours

Thanks for reading! and Have a nice day 🙂